Happy Birth-Day to me!!!!!

I got off my ass and remembered to water all of the wonderful plants, that share this home with me, I had to pull out a ladder to do this deed…..I have some plants that have been living with me for thirty+ years, I do not even know the names of them all, all I know is they are green and gift me with Oxygen. All I know is that they Love me, and I Love them in return so I make it a point to remember to gift them with Water every now and then…..I am so lucky to have a Spring up^above me, that sends me water and sings a song of Life to me……I save buckets full of water, in case of a Fire, and to remember to water my precious plants, Is this a good thing to do? One has to remember that I live here in solitary confinement, I share my joy of living here with these WORDS, I have to go and re-fill my empty bucket with that blessed water, and then maybe play on my Drums! ~~~~~I am toothless, yet I am chewing on a Raw Onion gifted to me by my good neighbor from his/her garden, it will keep me alive to live another day, is that so much to ask and pray for? ~~~~~10/29/2019, this is the Magician’s Birthday, I am going to change this whole Planet into some-thing I can Love and Honor; I am going to send that Evil Fuck Greed into it’s well prepared Grave……I am going to cast a Spell, I am going to Wave My Magic Wands, I am going to speak in eight and twelve tongues,I am going to say: “Lay down those guns, brothers, quit making bombs, take a beautiful Women into your arms” Do you hear me now? Go, Right Now and gift a hug to your precious child! And maybe walk outside your home and thank that Sun for shinning and gifting you with another gift to live, to be a Human Being, for Life is a daily Miracle…… ~~~~~This is my gift to YOU, the gift of Rain-bows dancing on your walls, if you can figure out the way to place those Crystals in just the Right Place. I did it! Happy Birth-day to Me!

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