How Lucky we are;

To draw in the breath of life, to experience the Joy of Pure Being, to have a fire that keeps one Warm, on a cold, cold, day. To make a soup out of gifts from your neighbors, what a gift! I slice up^ onions and zucchini into my pot of stew, I savor every moment, I send a Blessing to My neighbor for their generosity……Who really knows where that cold creek flows, in the dark and the dead of night? ~~~~~Along with my hearing, so also went my teeth, I was just in my Kitchen, slicing the gift of an Onion from my generous neighbors, and just loving on that taste of a Home_Grown Onion, thin, really thin slices to melt in my mouth, I have added it to my soups, made Top Ramen noodles taste better than any Gold I have stowed away in my Vault! ~~~~~I could sit here and set myself on Fire and burn into a crisp, would any-body miss me? I seriously doubt it…..My Fire might, when I am not there to throw another log on that Fire, to take my time-out and play my Drums for it;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ~~~~~These are all just Note’s left on a deaf-mans table, He try’s to listen to the Music, but he can only hear the beat, and misses out on the WORD’S. Closed Captions is a wonderful Option! If only, if only, I received a note of encouragement, a hint that doing this was not a waste of my time, here on this good, good Earth!!!!! ~~~~~I have found One New Friend on this site: LWBUT, but he is 10,000 miles away from me and so we can only share WORDS…….

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