So, Medium cut me off again, hit my limit on comments, although I used to think it was a great, good show.

Of what worth are comments, if one is cut off, because of some idiots idea of a LIMIT! Is there a limit on the number of galaxies in this Universe? How many stars can be created? How far does a Light Year travel in a Year? I hear that Time, itself stops at the speed of light, so, is all of this star-light we see so many billions of Light-Years away? Or is it all Right-Now? They stole my Train-of-Thought, by cutting me off. Maybe I was beginning to make too much sense to People? They are causing me to lose interest in the site, because I read a lot of Writers, and I like to share my thoughts with them, on their writing, or, what they had to Say!. I have written letter to many Authors, telling them how much I enjoyed their work. I received many letters of thanks back, for what is an Author, with-out readers? When one picks up^ pen and paper, or a computer key-board, one is trying to communicate their thoughts, so keep the dictionary handy. A word will pop into your head, and one wants to spell it correctly…….~~~~~A Star, does not become a Star until it has the Perfect amount of Hydrogen to Light that 10 or 20 billion year Fire……I practice playing on my many-tongued drums until I get a “Feel” for the Rhythm, and the Beat, and then, I practice more and more, until I get to the point I can play with other people and they will enjoy this Music….. Until it becomes like playing along with Jerry Garcia, of the “Grateful Dead”, or Neil Young and “Crazy Horse”. These Musicians can play for Hours, without a break, I cannot do that yet, but I am working on it. ~~~~~Same with writing, I think, the more one writes, the more one’s brain Opens Up^ until it maybe just goes on For-ever…..Like the relationship between the Mosquito and the Swallow, one needs the other to live, when one is gone, the other also disappears. What is the Night-Time Sky for, if no-one steps out-side to enjoy it? All of those beauty-full Stars and galaxies, just wasted on blind eyes.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I try to Remember to step Out-Side my home every-day and Thank our Sun for Shinning for Us, and Gifting Us another Day of Life, instead of turning Us into Ice-cubes. I Listen to the beat of Spring-water, running through my home, I try to figure out how to play that sound on my drums, I have to listen to both, the sound of my drums, and the sound of that running water, it is hard to do, as I am almost deaf……I am trying to do it All, at the same time, the same place, It is all, Right Now!

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