Happiness is a wonderful thing to share!

Here I sit all alone, in my little old house, yet I am full, to over-flowing with Happiness. I am happy my house is warm, that men brought in wood for my fire-place, that my Spring, Water Flows and makes Music in my old deaf ears, that I have a few extra bucks to share with those less fortunate than myself, that the welders who made the parts for my old wood-stove gave them to me for Free. That this woman, whom, I had never met, insisted on paying for my bottle of Vodka, and my jug of wine; Is this a magical place or what? I may be old, and drunk, and crazy, but I sure appreciate the Blessings I have received……~~~~~I think it a wonderful thing to thank the Sun for shinning for us; each and every day of life is a GIFT, to appreciate and ENJOY. I could call up^ my drum seller and have him deliver this wonderful, twelve-tongued drum for me to play on in less than two days, and have him enter my home and immediately repair my telephones, set up those drums, gift me the Blessing of his presence. To me, this is how Magic works, how it is present in life, if we just take a moment-out to recognize it’s presence.~~~~~To me, this is how we, the Lovers of Life and Peace, spread the Word. We get on our little Computers, and type in Words. I like to Think, that Words have a little Power; that we can make changes in this World, just by thinking about it Happening, Like that tiny, little girl, sitting alone, out-side her Parliament’s Building has become a World Power-House, putting Millions of Children into the Streets, demanding a Future for them-selves. That is the power of words……

One thought on “Happiness is a wonderful thing to share!

  1. You folks did this for me, I am really, really happy! You did for me what I found was impossible to do for myself, Thank YOU all so much, You made my day & Night.! ________________________________


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