Brothers and Sisters, I was

laying my head on my pillow, resting, so tired, after like a marathon day of writing. When this thought awoke me, and put me back on here…..Man, some of the stories I read on here on so sad, so lonely, that if I could, I would die all over again, and just call these lonely people into Heaven with me, if Heaven was a place to go………………..But, it is not a place you go to, as Johnathon Sea-Gull, found out when he died, and re-appeared on the shore he had just left, came back, to help his neighbors find their way. That is what friend-ship is all about, the sacrifice of one’s self, for the betterment of one’s neighbors, or this Planet called EARTH. ~~~~~The charge for having an Open Heart, is NOTHING, my friends, all one has to do is Open One’s Heart wide, and Bless the Sun for Shinning, thank the Water for running, this Earth, for the gift of Life, one is enjoying; it is like a Reversal of Fortune, a turn-around, and then the Magic begins to happen, one finds out what Gratitude is worth; What a simple “Thank You” is worth……Some times I receive the most beautiful cards, hand-written cards from like my Food Pantry workers, hard at work, making sure My Children do not go to bed hungry, so, if I can find the money, I just double my donation. It is like “Doctor’s With-out Borders, making ALL People Well again, that venture in their doors, irregardless, of race, skin color, the rapist, and his victim, all treated, healed, sent on their way, with-out even a .10 cents bill! This is True, and Honest, this is how the House of Mankind is built……. ~~~~~A Livable, enjoyable Future for our Children? We can do it just like the example these Doctor’s set. Set the Greed, the lust for Power, for Profit aside, and think about those other’s who may not have the same good fortune as you, think about sharing vs keeping it all for one’s self. Oh! for sure, I have my fortune stowed away in my Bank, yet tomorrow I suffer a heart-attack, I die, so what Good has it Done? Have I left this world a better place? Or did my greed blind me, to the Homeless, the wage slaves, those people, who just wanted a peace-full home, fleeing from War’s they did not start, that seem to have no end?…… ~~~~~Why, why, why? Would a so-called “Leader” bomb his country into rubble, just to keep his-self in POWER? EGO is the crime here, and in the end, all fall from Power! Even if they live to the ripe old age of 95 years. Gone, departed into History, maybe a foot-note in old, moth-eaten books. This Magical Earth looks at all things, misses Nothing, all receive their just rewards; the greedy man gets Nothing, but those of generous heart, and mind and Soul reap endless rewards, for life remembers that generosity! ~~~~~Here I sit, a little old man, in his cave, spouting Wisdom, He hopes the World will come to his door to Listen!

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