Beep, click, “We are sorry, the number you have dialed is dis-connected, or out of service, please check that you have the correct number and try again.” ~~~~~How I miss the dear old friends that time has swept away from me. I hope to meet with them again some day, in Paradise, if there is such a place, or maybe in another life-time…..I still have one old friend with me, who, through this life-time has always had my back. Always this gentle hand on my shoulder, nudging me out of danger, out of harm’s way, pushing me in the direction I needed to go in, gently urging me to become a better, stronger, wiser man. Teaching me to be generous of heart, giving more of myself than I received. Showing me the Way, so to speak…..I never saw his face, and only occasionally felt that steady sure hand, yet it was always there, like the single foot-prints in the sand, were the times He was carrying you on his back……This old friend is there for every-one, if they would only take a moment to look for Him. I am sure of this. He is with me now, even in my old age, still nudging me along, to keep on the Right Path, to never give up^……

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