It is almost the Magicians Birthday!

Let US turn this world around, and send it off in a New Direction, NO new Guns, NO new Nuclear Bombs, NO more WAR! I am sick to Death reading about it! I shut it off, like closing the entry door, to a home I NO longer Love. Like allowing People to drown at sea because YOU do not want them crossing YOUR Borders. Building WALLS instead of Home-less shelters. What the Fuck is wrong with YOU? Are you just sick, old evil people? Those brave Rescue People, pick up the drowning people and have no place to put them ashore, the Women, the Children, the Men, should you just throw them back into the Sea? To drown? What if this was YOUR Lot in Life? Would you maybe think different about it? ~~~~~This beauty-full Music just plays in my head, I have a magicians dream to change this World into a better, Livable Place to be Proud of, where every person has a safe place to rest their heads at night. Where NO CHILD should go to bed Hungry! Is this too much to ask? It does not seem to me to be an impossible task….. Just DO IT, make it Happen! All of US Working together, that is what it will take, NO to GUNS, NO to WAR. Peace is the way Forward! Peace mixed together in a Pot with Gratitude for another day of Life on this Planet!

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