Just write the first word;

Everything follows from that first step; just, justice, it all follows a pattern like the old Alaskan Women, sewing; sewing those beautiful clothes, those wonder feathers, weaving a web of beauty to take to the dance Oh! that Head-dress is to die for, those porcupine quails woven in so care-fully, and then the native drums begin to play, and the song they sing just goes on for-ever, handed down to the Children like rain blesses this land. Let us see if the Lady Kathy reads my blogs, still…..I wonder why I am cut out of my Lady Susan’s life, I am like anathema to you, why is this? What did I ever do but care and Love Your Mother? Go on ahead and ask her these questions, When did she have to haul in the wood and coal to keep that fire burning? How many times did she have to empty that 1/2 full shit-bucket, it was me, I did it all for her, just because I Loved Her. And now I have my reward for all that Love, I am anathema…..Thank You so much…..

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