To My Brothers and Sisters in Hong Cong.\: Stand up^

Stand up^ for your rights, Stand Tall, be Brave, it is better to Die on your feet, than to live on your knees. A very brave Spanish Lady made that statement first. I stand with You; I may be thousands of miles away, but I am right there with you all in Spirit! ~~~~~Do not bow down, the evil greedy ones, will try to kill you all, they will get fed up^ with protests, just be brave, my brothers, and my sisters; You will out-live the evil ones. Stand up^ tall, stand strong, ignore the water cannons, the tear gas (Made in USA TM) Put on the masks, protect your-selves. ~~~~~The Great Spirit stands up^ with his people, NO more homelessness, NO more hunger, NO more of this abuse; I stand up^ with YOU and demand my Human Rights, The right to speak my mind, to say out loud what the crimes are, to call out for Justice to make Her Appearance on the World Stage! ~~~~~Where are all the readers? I expected to have thousands of comments, yet I get none, is this site a page of ONE?

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