What have we got here, except a Life-Sentence?

We are Born, and then; we live, or, we die, as fate has determined for each of us. Some of us must face “Old Age”, some of us will live to a ripe old age, and some of us old one’s will die of neglect, because we taught our children, to not care about a Future, not to respect those who have led the way. Brief interlude; I went and beat the hell out of my many tongued drums; the music was to die or live for, your choice….. Yet I only play all Alone, I have many drums, and many extra sticks so You can join on in, and maybe play along with me. I ain’t no “Prince”, , I ain’t no “Sonny Terry; and “Brownie” McGee, but I am getting the ‘hang’ of their music; Like putting on my ‘Walking Shoes’, I just dust off my soles, and start off walking……I never had to look for a home, because I always had one; it was right where I was standing, along-side that road……I am trying to teach the people to remember how Magic works, Some people think that Magic is an impossible ‘Dream’, yet I am living proof that Magic Exists.~~~~~Take my private life for an example, or a curse, as You will have it, there are just so many Wonderful People out there in this World, they will take precious moments out of their lives, just to send Me, a; “Thank You,Card”……When I stuck my thumb out in the wind, asking for a ride; to no-where in particular; I only ever, met Friendly Folk’s, they took me out to dinner, they invited me into their homes, because I was always, as a new-born friend. I did not, rob, or lie, or cheat, or steal, especially from a new, met friend , I was just there, an old friend, waiting on the highway to come and take me home, and I always made it: HOME…….

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