About learning how to play the tongue drums;

All I mostly made at first was discordant NOISE, I just could not surrender to the correct Beat. I did not have enough time to “Practice”, I was always afraid I would drive my Lady, of my Neighbors, nuts. But, now, now I am always alone, so it does not bother any-body. And now, after much practice, I think I got the Beat down, It is like a long Pow-Wow session, the man has to stand there and placate the crowd, and he does this by establishing a “Rhythm, and the Beat just goes On and On, even if he only has a one tongued drum. I now have graduated from 2, 4, 6, 8, to twelve tongues! It is like I learned to play the twelve-stringed guitar. My Kudo’s to its maker: With a few pieces of Rare Wood, a few saw strokes, a masterpiece is created!…. And my friend, and expert at finding rare wood tongue drums for me to play on, Eddie WOOD, good name, Huh? Thank You Eddie WOOD…….I am going to Play and Play, o and on, until I die…..

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