ADN/Anchorage Daily News VS Word Press

I was desiring to write a “Letter to the Editor” of the ADN about Oil and other thoughts. How many people know how a Gyroscope works in a satellite? It seems to me that this whole Universe is very care-fully planned out to work Naturally for like a trillion years, our own Star, the Sun should burn faith-fully for another 5 billion years or so. So, let us return to Planet Earth and that Gyroscope. Gyroscopes only work if their bearings are immersed in OIL, when the OIL runs out, that Gyroscope is doomed to failure. The Arctic circle has yielded untold fortunes from the removal of that Oil, Has any human being cast a thought as to why all that Oil is there in the first place?.. Greed rules out rational thought, pump all of that Oil out and worry about it later, as long as the coffers stay full; yet all of that Gold stashed away in the vaults, deep underground in secret places will not save humanity when this world tips over, as tip it must, when that Oil has been all drained away…..Get out your maps, or Google Earth, and see where all that Oil is drawn from. “Oh! {The oil companies said} we are just going to leave a tiny little foot-print up there” with their now thousands of miles of pipelines. Everyday stealing the future away from our children…..Because ‘Profit’ Is the nature of our game. And we will not stop until the last ounce of Oil is gone. ~~~~~I like to think that I am ‘thinking’ correctly here, I would ask all of those Scientists out there to put these thoughts to the proof, a test of validity, so to speak…..I could be wrong, but maybe if the future of humanity was at stake here, I have asked an important question, and it desires an answer forth-with…..Did not the Webb telescope have to be shut down and abandoned, because two out of three Gyroscopes failed? Do we have another Planet to flee to? Mars is a cold and lonely place, and Venus, well Venus is hot as hell, and only has one day a year, and air-conditioning is a must have there…..So, friends what will happen with these thoughts I have put out there? Union of Concerned Scientists, this is a test of Awareness…..

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