What would I write for? If I spent my time on this site for money, for Profit, I have lost my War for

I have fallen Prey, then to Greed,lust for power, and above all Profit. What happens if I just learn how to survive, without any of that crap?, how do I do it? Now this is a subject worth looking into. What is Life, above all else?Is that a no-thing, of no value? Or is some-thing to be valued above all else? If I was God, I would come down on this Planet and call out in a LOUD VOICE; “Where are all my fish? Where are all of my seals, and birds? I see them Dead, washing ashore along my beaches, most, starved to death; is this not an important question to ask? “Are my Precious Oceans dying?” God asked? How could YOU allow this to happen? Were you not paying Attention?……………………………Soon, all too soon the life will be gone, strip-mined for GREED, and yet no-one seems to care or to speak -out against this Monster, GREED, it is like we are all kept, quietly asleep, comfy in our beds, our houses heated, the T.V. on, the roast in the Oven…..While this world burns down around us.,,,,,Our children are crying out, “Take Action!” Now, the world is on FIRE!, and we go on our sleepy ways, all of our wildest desires, satisfied…….What comes next here? In this story of Life stay tuned; the Echo is listening, the Ring is watching out for People like You!!!!!

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