What was I thinking of, like way back fifty seconds ago?

I found I had no-motive, no “Get Rich Quick, Scheme” What was I doing here, any way? Was I really living out my life, on this like really weird planet? A place where my fellow humans didn’t seem to give a shit, about anything at all at long as it brought in profit? ~~~~~This place was way, way worse than a Shark Tank, interview, in this place people seemed to want to Kill each other over nothing at all. They would buy a gun, and that would be it, GAME OVER! I mean, some stupid, dumb fuck, with the MONEY, of course, could just go out and purchase a murderous weapon, no questions asked……Just watch, just keep your eyes wide open, to see how Greed and the Lust for POWER and above all, PROFIT, can so easily destroy the home, we claim to LOVE….. ~~~~~I mean, “Do not listen, when the Children are Crying Out for a Future, just ignore the pests, and run to your bank, and make a sudden withdrawal, that funny money will solve every problem, or so it seems……………………………………………………………………………….What happens, really when some old man suddenly finds his POWER, and he begins to speak in all the tongues of this, His World, HEY PEOPLE, just give it all up^ to have it all. That is how easy it is to build the “House of Mankind”, like one step from here to Tomorrow….. Can I trademark (TM) that? Can I just make a bundle of MONEY from these, words? Sorry, not interested, I have no agents, no payday lenders, here on my home planet, every-body is honest to a fault….. They would never ever even think to tell a LIE, like that would be anathema? Did I get that word right? I mean, like I , personally own I do not know off the top of my head, how many dictionary sets, how many encyclopedias I own,I have read maybe 12,000 +- authors, and I enjoyed every book I read, …… ~~~~~I mean, like I read on an rat and moth eaten bible, when I was in the “HOLE” for a little tiny offense, against the masters of my Universe, OH! Oh! ouch, , there they were thumping on my head, trying to make me think “Their Way” but I was having none of it, that was all crap to me, so I just Stood UP Strong and said: Hey Brothers, I am just seeking out a better World…….Hey, Brothers, Look into my eyes, see if I have a true Vision Here/Now. Because I am done Here, I am going to beat my drums into silence, Silence, a Silence heard around the world, Listen up, Listen up^ let me fill YOUR cup with the promise of a Future…..Quit mining for Gold, and you will find plenty of it in your own back-yard…..” Do you think, that maybe God made ‘Time’ to keep it all from happening at Once?” Mickey Newberry’s Album: ” It looks like Rain” It is the thirty third of August, and my feet are finally touching down, and seven days from Sunday, I find myself Saturn’s day bound…..Great song-writer, I thought, so much of him, I memorized his songs in my head;;;;”Oh Lord, I just can’t stand to face this mourning, cause it looks, like my baby’s gone; or “Yesterdays newspapers, were all wrong, because today the skies are all Grey, where they for-cast Sun-shine for today, is this a long enough book, or poem, or whatever it is? Is this worth publishing here on Word Press? I think, compared to some of that other crap, I have tried to “Follow” here on Word Press, I have just composed a Master-Piece; Enjoy at your leisure, leave the LIE out of Leisure……

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