What is it that I said to Inspire You to Spam me to Death?

If, maybe I offended YOU, why would you SPAM me? Instead of asking me the important question? Like why do I deny God? I do not Deny God; I ask the question like:” Who is this GREAT SPIRIT, that makes it all happen?” Is that such a hard question to answer, that YOU have to SPAM MAIL me ????? ~~~~~ What, pray/tell little hole does Your Brain hide in, that you would waste your energy, your, God Given energy to spam on me? I maybe, dared to question your faith, and you came back and slapped me on my face, for daring to question you……If this is a crime, then I plead guilty, guilty as charged. I will sit in Prison and wait, and wait; for time to run out on me……You see, my friend; It is all in time;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Here/Now So do not Fuck with me, because I wield Magic Sticks; the sticks of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, I can call down COLD upon YOU, I can chill your house below freezing, Is that what you want? If you are asking for it, I can make it happen, Just Like That, a snap of my fingers and the fuel runs out. And YOU are all alone there in that cold, cold house…….. ~~~~~All I really wanted to do was brother, be friends with you, like share a little discourse, with YOU, instead you chose to be an enemy, and spam me, so I would have to spend my precious minutes deleting YOU…..So my word here wielded by this magician with his magic sticks is FUCK OFF Asshole, Crawl back into the hole you crawled out of and leave me the Fuck Alone……I can be the Greatest Friend you have ever found on this site, or I can be your Enemy……What is it to be????

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