One Time, a story,

One time, a long while ago, I dropped some LSD, and then I cast off my shoes, and went bare-footed, an ignorant little white-boy, plodding his way through a black-ghetto, Crying out for Jesus to save me, or, whatever, Yet I am still here/now today, I went through the Viet-Nam War as a “Recon, Machine gunner man” , and then, when I came home from War, I thought to use those talents, for what is War, if not for killing your own brothers? So this woman I liked (Not Loved) told me this man was beating up on her children, what did I know, but to believe her? So I killed this man, because I hate any-one who would dare to beat-up^ on a child, well friends, that cost me a 15-20 year sentence, but I bowed my head, and did my time, because that was a stupid, non-adult movement, and so, because I learned how to Behave Myself, they let me go, after three and one-half years, to L.A. Calf. because my sister cared enough about me to have a Job waiting, as a janitor, in a con-game school. What did I know? I was still young and pretty stupid, and then I went to work making little tiny wonderful electric cars, for handicapped people, In Hermosa Beach Calif….. My co-workers would take me out after work, and introduce me to POT and MUSIC, which I had never bothered to listen to nor enjoy, Like one of my co-workers was a Great-full Dead, Jerry Garcia freak, Randy, was his name; we used to go on these long, strange trips together, his girl-friends name was DEBBIE, all of that changed when I got entrapped and married to a woman I met at a rich man’s pool Party in Malibu. Fuck man, I worked many, many over-time hours to support that woman, and her two daughters, whom I loved and treated as my own children, they did all-right in my book, they learned how to live life, and stand on their own two feet, and not to take crap from any-body, that is how I taught my daughters to live….. I am proud of both of them, Grand-Mothers now!…… Inter-mission, time, I feel the need to go and beat on my brand new 12 tongued drum/guitar…..~~~~~This is NOT the end of this old man’s story, TBC……

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