After a nice little Nap;

My little, tiny brain, is back to thinking on the urgency of this emergency, for, it seems to me, a True Emergency, when I a little, drunk, an old man, already can wake up from his bad old man’s dream, because he heard the children, His Children, (all are my children) Crying out for ACTION, down in the streets of His Old Man World….. ~~~~~May I speak out freely here on the old/new Word Press? Share my thoughts out on this newly available Medium? Like just go back and forth, between them and seek out a common voice??? I am just a little old guy, a guy who discovered for his-self that Magic is still alive and thrives, I know this to be true: A quote here: “When on the road to Thebes, Oedipus met the Sphinx, who asked him, her riddle, (Look it up^ in your encyclopedia), His answer was: “MAN!” This simple word destroyed the Monster;;;. We have many Monsters to destroy, let us think of Oedipus answer!” George Sefaris speech after winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1963….. ~~~~~So who are these monster’s? Allow me to name a few here, Those giant oil/coal/gas companies who pipe in all this fuel and tell us in ads, to BURN MORE, as if it was cold outside, when the therm-o-meter hits 50 degrees, and I have to wonder and ask myself, is this like air-conditioning, provided for FREE, by OUR Loving Mother Earth? I am almost sweating at 50 degrees F, not C…..So to get back on track here, I refuse to light a FIRE, it was as simple as an animal learning that fur could save them from freezing weather…..Am I preaching to the Choir Here?, You all know this subject well, I am sure, Yet I can still hear my children, crying out in those city streets, even tho, through Magic, I removed myself far, far, away, from all those tears……Why would I spend money on a 60 inch T.V. screen, when I was born with one inside my own head? It was called, I think, IMAGINATION. ~~~~~So, all of my hair falls out and I go bald, the blessing is I do not have to own a comb, the curse is I have to wear a hat, because my head is cold, without that hair. So, either way I am still here, living on Earth, what a lucky place I was born into, it provided everything from the cradle to the grave, I needed, if I only had eyes, to see, and an ear to hear……Drink up^ Drink up^ let me fill your cup (TM) Neal YOUNG, with the promise of a Future, full of forest’s, clean rivers, fresh water, Whales breaching out of the pure joy of living on this blessed Earth…………… The Sun still keeps on shinning, in spite of our evil ways, the Sun might just keep on shinning like, forever, Hey, My Children, you can Hear what I am saying here? This one old man, sitting in his cold/hot house can hear you out there crying, so he will learn how to Create Magic, to change this system from one of Evil and Greed, to one that prepares to hand you all down a Future….. ~~~~~Here is how I make Magic work, every time I find an extra dollar in my pocket, I find a good cause, maybe a child that used to go to bed hungry, and now, that child has a full belly, because I cared enough to give away that Extra Dollar. Maybe it was an old/new movie I watched, all about a man that traveled this world, just planting Acorn seeds, and coming back years, later to see how that old oak tree he loved, was doing, maybe splashing a bit of water on it, as another gift….. ~~~~~I, myself, have found that MAGIC works best when shared, like a lost wallet, found and returned intact. And so my cup runneth over here, I hand this gift, on down to my beloved Children, every least ‘living’ thing is my child; from a blade of grass to a giant old Red-wood Tree, from a minnow to a giant Whale, to a grain of sand on the Sea’s Shore; it All Matters to Me! I want my Children hear the wail of an Elephant, the cry of the loon, the shriek of a Pelican, with a beak full of Fish, these are the words of LIFE; the sound of Life’s longing for Itself; {The Prophet} Kahil Gibran, Like, I deign to remember the Master’s of this Craft, J.Krishnamurti; Sirio Esteve; Louis H. Lapham, look at all these red under-lines, as if no-one remembered great authors, any-more. It is all in time, my precious Children, and what does a world that rotates 24/7 indicate? ~~~~~Life goes on it’s merry old way, this also shall PASS………

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