06/10/2018, this is in the old ages, when I found an extra dollar in my pocket;;;

Today seems to be, on the calendar, October 14th, 2019, and I just now opened this old bottle of Campbell’s Tomato Juice and mixed in a little dab of Vodka with it, still good after all this time sitting back there on the Pantry shelf, Oh, yea I also found this plastic Jar of Honey had begun to leak out and spill across the floor, so I picked that up and put it in a pot of hot water, and it took, like, three days of steady,slow heat, to melt all those crystals of Honey out, so I could pour it into a glass bottle, that my old lady and I had saved, just for this kind of Emergency….. ~~~~~I save all kinds of stuff, like tarps to cover my lawn-mowers and generator, to shield them from nasty weather, I even strive to keep this Key-Board Clean, by NOT spilling my stupid cigarette ashes on this wonderful machine, I polish it every-day with a nice, soft cloth, I just pulled out a 2014 “Space” calendar, Views from the Hubble Telescope, that I had stashed away in case I forgot how to spell “Calendar”, there are some words I cannot find in my “Webster’s, New World” Dictionary,like Farrenheight temp’s can any-one spell that correctly for me?…….This is what the inside of my mind looks like when I commit these words to a computer, tho I still write the occasional note down on paper, with pen and ink, or even an old time Pencil, Like, when I decide to compose a “Letter to the Editor” …..The Editor read my “Letter” and wrote back to me, in a nice polite way and said; “Paragraphs are nice things to make sense of your thoughts. So here on Word Press, I have yet to figure out what to click on to make a Paragraph appear; so I created my own way around the conundrum: ~~~~~{Indicates a Paragraph}. So there YOU have it, a shout-out with all Cap’s…….~~~~~Please spell that word correctly for me; Mr. F, rather than Mr. Celsius, I just took a break here, I set down my pen and paper, and picked up my sticks, and played for a world-wide audience on my eight and twelve tongued drums, I hope you all enjoyed that music, If you had ears to hear…..Dies Irae, see it underlined in RED, like I made a mistake, Yet it is clearly printed out in my faithful dictionary, Latin; Day of Wrath, a medieval Latin Hymn about Judgement Day, beginning, {Dies Irae} it was sung at a Mass for the Dead…..So, I find this World-Wide dictionary is far from “Perfect” and there , for now I leave it. Maybe two people even Know My Name, my claim to Fame…..

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