Maybe, just maybe; I can help my Children find their way through MAGIC……

You my children, cannot win a war with the evil fucks, give it up…..Try another way, like, when you see a homeless person on the street, if you have extra money, gift it to them, and ask them, politely, to pass it on, if they spend it on liquor, or drugs, what have you lost? At least YOU tried to help. And that, I think, is what matters here…..That you do not desire to keep it all for, YOURSELF You can give it all away, and you will have more than you ever cared to desire to have. That is the way to Defeat those Evil Monster’s , because they Depend on Debt, on YOU owing them. Do not fall for that Lie, for that is what it is all composed of, an Evil Lie!……………………….. ~~~~~I have said all of these same words, many times before this moment, like, over, and over again, like an old Love song, played over, and over again, but I am getting old, and still I am searching for a “Heart of Gold” (Neal Young) I am done here…..

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