Here, is my message to the “Truth and Freedom man’s blog:

Man, I have met Jesus freaks before, but this guy takes the cake, he is spamming this Word Press site, as well as my personal E-mails…..One click += DELETE and he is gone into the dust-bin of History. What a foolish man, who thinks that if he can just sit and send out a pile of crap, he can change my mind about Him……Ha! Ha! what a good Joke! It is all about Good Jazz right now, that is what is in my ears, ain’t got nothing about no Jesus, nor passages in that old, dead men’s so-called Bibles. Life, my friend, is all about this here: Here & Now” that is all there is , that is how all that JAZZ works……There is no so-called “Other-moment” it is ALL RIGHT NOW. Shout-out here!!!!! I do not intend to OFFEND anyone here, anyone who cares to read these words, they are like picked out on the BASS NOTES I am hearing, boy that Jazz is really, really good to listen to, even if one is totally deaf, as I am…………………….I can write and write, in- between going to play my drums, I hope these words are just like MUSIC to YOUR EARS; because that is what I intended them to BE!!!!! Shout-OUT……I could, just like a snap of the finger’s disappear, and never share another word, Would you miss me? Would YOU try to find Me? I just sent a message to Ms. Caitlyn Johnstone, saying that WE, the People that LOVE your writing, well, Lady, we are with you, no matter how it all turns out, Some-times; some-times sad things happen; your best bro, falls down, do you stop to help him? Or do you just choose to walk away? What is a friend? Who will walk in your door and save you from yourself? The most down you are, that is when your true friends show up^………~~~~~They walk in your door, they pick you up^ and set you back on your feet. It is if all the “BAD” things, had never even “Happened”, that is the good work of JAZZ, it picks me up and sets me back on my feet; Just all these dudes, and women, playing together, yet each one being their own person, wow! what a treat, If that old, wicked jazz is hell, then, brother, I want to go there, it sounds like my kind of place, a place where I could Play along;;;;like;;;;now that Trumpet is playing, yet the drummer and Bass Man is right along with him, boy, that just encourages him to Play Louder!……. ~~~~~Here we go, it took me a life-time to figure out, just what that Music was all about, I am still trying how to set up a Concert, with my Brand-New twelve tongued drum, so-far, no takers, maybe I will have to play alone for 5 years, like BB. King did, before he could feel confident to play along, with other players. And BB. King fell in Love with that Music,and he played it up until the time he died of old age, still sending out- those Riffs, this is me here; BB KING, still sending out these good RIFFS…………~~~~~Read this like the Bass-Man, plucking away, just to set the beat, now does any-one else care to sit in? NOW: I hear the Bass-Man, playing away, and here comes in a Piano-player, then a drummer man shows up, except for that missing Trumpet, that missing Sax Player, we are doing fine here, and then John Coultrane showed up, and showed us what we were missing……Jazz-Night

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