I am going to try to write a Song here in this place, Now ; that just maybe a real musician will pick up^ on and learn to love and sing out loud, for the people of this good Earth; this good, good Earth;

Hey, hey, hey! Did YOU all step out-side today and look up^? did you bother to thank that sun’s shinning on YOU? Can you all hear all of my be-loved children, just crying out for a Future? What does it take to make people listen? To set all their cares aside? What does it take? A miracle perhaps to happen suddenly, with no warning, A tornado, or a Tsunami, or maybe a giant Hurricane several thousand miles wide, Maybe, just maybe, that will command some attention here/now………………. ~~~~~So what is this song about, you might ask yourself that question, or you can just ignore it and walk away. Maybe YOU could have saved someone’s life, and maybe you chose not to save that life……Maybe, you just walked away, and shut that door behind Yourself…..And our children are still outside that $$$$$door we cannot be bothered to LISTEN, and so our children are lost to us, we failed to build a Future for Them……OH! LOVE is LOST at such a cost, if only we had taken out that moment to LISTEN to OUR CHILDREN!!!!! Free Song…

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