So, after all these many Years,

Of buying many Drums, of not learning how to Play Them, for the Fear that I might disturb YOU, in your personal world, I waited, these many Years, and at last I am free to Play them, my many tongue’ed drums, I used to try the Eight Tongued drum, but only Rarely In case I might drive you Nut’s with my attempt to Learn How to Play……. ~~~~~But, since, now that you have cut me loose from your life, Now I have a Twelve Tongue’d drum, and I can play it just fine, Like Jerry Garcia, playing from the Great Beyond, because you cut me loose Babe, and here I am now, just playing on For-Ever….. ~~~~~ Put that in your Pipe, and smoke it, how do You like the New Music I am Playing? Does it fit in?…..Does it fit into Your schedule? Can I play all night long? Do You miss me, Babe? Now that I am a Sort-of famous Drum Player? I can Play in eight or twelve tongue’s , I can Play music that almost every-one can hear, if they have ear’s to listen; or maybe not, maybe I am destined to play alone for-ever; what do I care, as long as I can play Freely, without having to worry, about disturbing some other’ Human’s Peace. That, to me, is what suddenly finding one’s self Alone, is about; finding and enjoying Freedom. ~~~~~I do not bother any-one here in my personal Silence, I do not ask any-one to be a part, I spend my life alone, beholden to no man or woman. If only one Person talks to me, I, consider, Myself a lucky Man, such a lucky man, I am…..”Of all man’s clotted clay, who is there to Love Thee, save only You, who followed in my foot-steps, who is there to Love Thee, save Me, and only Me, who followed in Your foot-step’s, I fled Him down the night’s and down the day’s into those infinite for-ever’s from those strong foot-steps, I fled, afraid; that days were instead nights, that I should fear, instead of a Friend that I should embrace; (Stolen from ” The Hounds of Heaven”) ….. ~~~~~So now, I speak in twelve tongues, + eight more, as I have many drums, and many sticks to play them with, and as of yet no-body to share all those sticks and all those seven drums with. Yet I play on, in good faith, that this world shall not leave me all alone, playing only with My-self. Someday, someone will knock on my door and want to play with me…..If not, well what the fuck, I will just keep on, keeping on, playing the Music just for my-self; after all I can speak in eight tongues, or now twelve new ones, who is it that is truly “Alone”?/??/

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