Another New “Tongue Drum”

I am now up to Seven Tongue Drums, my friend Eddie Wood (Great Name, there) Delivered his-self and my new 12 Keyed drum, it only cost about $800.00 But it was a work of ART, I could hardly appreciate all the beautiful sounds it could make for ME, I am the Lucky Guy, now, if I could just find 7 people to come and play along with me, I bought 10 pairs of sticks, just so that I could hand them out to people to please come and play with me, so far, I have found NO TAKERS, this is sure a LONELY PLANET to have to live one’s life upon. This is not a crying spell, I can play just fine along with Myself, but it would be nice to have some company once in awhile, so I do not have to play alone, that is why I bought all those extra sticks. I play along with my radio music for now, but some-day I hope to play along with the UNIVERSE……From the OLD Musician…..

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