What Do We Have To Write Here on Word Press, to gather a little attention?

Here is a Story for you of the shit that runs through my head, I am an old guy, drinking away his life, playing his Harmonica, and I was in the grocery store buying more booze, and this young lady insisted on paying for it, even tho I had a pocket full of money. I fell in Love right there on the spot. I let her walk away; because at that moment I was still Faithful to my woman of thirty years of life spent Together. ~~~~~So now that my old love has gone away, I started searching for this young lady, old fool that I am, thinking that she would like to Kiss My Lips, and share Her Precious Time with me, like listening to beauty full music, and maybe even dancing, together. ~~~~~I threw all those thoughts away, I just sat here and watched the Sun Rise and Set again, and yet again, there is no fool, like an Old Fool…..An old broken hearted man sitting by his-self all alone, with his tongue drum, and his Harmonica, Playing his Heart Out, Just looking for LOVE….. ~~~~~And then I wake up, and find that LOVE is all around me; It is in the Air I breath in every moment I am still alive, It is in the Sun that shines faithfully every day, It is in that Spring Water that flows down a hose into my house, It is that warm blanket I throw over my shoulder when the cold comes, all made of LOVE, with LOVE, because other-wise it would have never come into Being. So now I just live on in Faith, that everything is going to turn out OK! Wow! Just look up and see the light playing along with this music on my ceiling….. Hey attention here I am listening to “Counter-spin” on my radio and they are talking about a story I placed on this site, like a week ago. I noticed in my local News Paper, about Cop’s killing one of their own, in their desire for revenge against those Evil Black Men. One almost gets a tilted frame of view here. Shoot First, put a bullet into that Evil Black Man, even if it has to go through my Partner first. Too Bad, so Sad….. ~~~~~What would happen here if we all just decided to always tell the Truth, amazing we would not have to Remember all those Lie’s we could maybe just shit-can all that useless paper, use it for ass-wipe maybe… We, the people want and will have a free and open to all Internet. Throw those so-called Law-makers Into the trash can of History. If you have read along this far, You can tell where I am coming from. I mean, like all those Evil People are far – away from me. I just sit here and do my own thing. I surrender to NO Power, if the bully’s show up here, I just give them a bloody nose, and a fat lip, and I send them on their way, Far, Far, Far away from Me…..

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