So who will be Here Now?

To pay all the bills, and allow you to save up $50,000.00 dollars for yourself? I will go my way, I will put on my Walking Shoes and just set out a’walking if you do not want Me here anymore, I’ve done that before, any place that did not welcome me in, I just put on my walking shoes, and started out walking, a new found friend would pick me up, and we might get to talking about the things we believed in, or even the things we dis-agreed with, at least we were still talking, and not making War on each other. I was welcomed into each home, no matter where I went on my travels, because I treated every man or woman or child, as my equals. Thus we could find nothing to argue about, and so there was Peace there, an important thing to have; that Peace that I could just go any where on Earth and find myself at Home…..That is where I would take off my Walking Shoes and stay awhile…..

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