I might even help them plant their Crops, and stay awhile

And watch the corn or Wheat Grow, or play some Music, late in the evening, just to show those people that I was listening to Them. That is what it is all about, just to listen with Ears wide open, and how to sing a song, a song that has great meaning, maybe the Song of Life itself, And how grateful I am that you cared enough to take me into your home. I want to be the best guest you have ever invited into your home. I will ask you this question”How can I make your life, even better than it is right now?” Do you need help? I will provide it, no questions asked…..This is the person I am, I can put on my walking shoes and find a welcome any place these walking shoes might take me, and if you find that you do not want me there any-more I will just put on my walking shoes and step outside your door, and let my feet take me on the way to Where?

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