How I Loved to View this Universe and other thoughts:

So, tonight this Giant Space-ship appeared in our sky, and blotted out the Sun, for about 3 days, and then it began to get really “COLD” here on Earth, and a voice came for out of the skies, and said: “Look at us, this could be YOU, in this Giant Saucer, traveling anywhere in this Universe, Making great music every-where, all you have to do, is to find PEACE among your-selves. Quit all that stupid shit, of lying too, and stealing from each other, It is really that easy….. ~~~~~Like Love one and the other, see each other as Brother and Sister. Not such a big deal, It will guarantee a Future, think for a moment, just take a moment out to think about these things…..Why are we constantly talking of wars, destroying our home in the processing of even Deadlier Weapons? Why are we destroying large portions of our one and only home, in the pursuit of Gold, which is an inert metal, and mostly just sits there, a shinny, useless toy. When instead of spending all that Money on mining machines, we could make sure instead, that all of our brothers and sister’s went to bed each night with a full belly, and freed from the sickness of this Greed Machine, and our Children, might be looking forward to a Great Future ahead of them….. ~~~~~ Is that so hard to Under-Stand? Just take a second, one second, to think about a future for our civilization. We should all be out there, making Music together, Making a Great Roar of it, so the Universe will come to Listen. Look at the People of Earth, they make Great Music, Together as One….. ~~~~~And so I played My drums for them, Par umpty dumpt dump, I sang this Lovely little song, and all the voices on Earth joined in, and sang with me also, and we, together made a Mighty Roar, We sang out: OPEN UP these DOOR’S and let this Sun Shine in Upon Us, and that is the end of this song, it’s the only song I have to sing, It is the song the Raven sings, it is the only one He knows; “Like the Sun, You come UP, like the Wind You GO”, that is this song the Raven sings….. ~~~~~I wish I could write this in Musical Notations, but I have not been gifted with that Ability, I will leave that to Others, more capable than I of making Great Music, all I can do is plant this idea of mine into your heads, and let You go with it…..I love You all out there, What a Great Gift to have, this kind of Love, to make the Sun to shine on all, regardless of skin color, or so-called Race, To put out just the right degree of heat, so You People do not freeze to death, or die from heat death….. It is a delicate dance, One, I Your Sun, plays every day, Because I LOVE this Earth so much. So, make the Music, I am so long, longing to Hear!!!!

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