News Article in the Anchorage Daily News,Under the Heading:

Please notice here that I am just taking this off the top of my head, because it caught my attention…..”For the Second Time, This Year, Friendly Fire Kills Officer.” ““`Now, if I got this story straight “Officer Brian Mulkeen was fatally struck by two Police Bullets, while struggling with an armed man, after chasing and shooting at him Sunday in the Bronx. Now here comes my take on this article: It appears to me that the two policemen who fired those shots were either scared out of their wits, or they wanted to kill somebody; no matter, who, was in the way. ~~~~~Now, if I was an officer of the law, an some thug was daring to assault one of my fellow officers, I would pull out my night-stick and just wail away at that perp’s head, until he changed his mind about fighting with one of MY Officers. I would NOT have to Kill him, to accomplish my Mission…..The Gun, is a last resort, we are well out-fitted to accomplish our mission, but you have to think first, and do not panic, it is all in time, and you will be right on time, to smooth out a Potentially Bad Situation ~~~~~We do not, especially, have to kill one another in the search for peace, we just have to learn how to Love each and the other. My rule is to accept all Men/Women as equal, if it does not work out that way, I just put on my walking shoes, and I start out walking away, If I am not wanted here, in this place, I am gone, and gone with no regret’s . I always tried to do the best that I was capable of, at the time. Just one tiny man, living here on Earth, What could I make better, all by myself? ~~~~~I had, like, all of these questions, which nobody could seem to answer to my satisfaction, I hope you are following along with me here? I want this to be a channel for discourse, I would like the comments to be meaningful…..Now I think that deep, meaningful thought, only comes when one can sit still, and just really follow along with their own thoughts…..Where would that lead you to? Mind-Fullness? ~~~~~I do not want to lose this nice train of thought, I am, having here. It just takes one Amoeba to divide into two, and then you have four and them: Exploded population! ~~~~~So let us maybe talk about excess people on our finite planet. I, myself would not miss myself, had I never been born, and thus the argument for all those women to just toss out one baby after another, One, well cared for baby, is worth 10 born of a woman who has no way to care for all these children, their family is stricken with poverty. It is not like Jeff Bezo’s or Bill Gates is going to come to their door and give them a check, to so-called alleviate this poverty. Is $120 Billion dollars enough, that you will believe that you can finally share it out, yet , by giving out, You will never run out….. ~~~~~All of existence runs on Magic, if it were not for Magic, the Sun would not bother to turn itself on to burn, and provide heat and light to us….. I am alone, I have maybe one thought, that let us please, Great Spirit, learn to live together as one. ONE People===The House of Man-KIND…..

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