The Third Rock From The Sun….

I would like this message to appear on every so-called ‘Smart Phone’ Screen in the world. Seven and one-half billion human beings, carelessly devouring their only home in this Solar System capable of supporting their kind of life. Do any of you humans pay attention to anything but YOURSELVES? The Oceans are being fished to extinction, the Insects we depend on to clean up the dead and fertilize our food plants and flowers are also disappearing, and doing so faster and faster every day. Our GREED for more, more, more, is making Earth resemble the surface of our MOON! We treat our own home like a trash can and an ashtray. There is not much time left for life on Earth as we know it. Earth itself has time, it’s life is figured in billions of years, while us humans have 100 years or less.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Living in cities has caused people to view life as concrete, road tar, and machines, and maybe a brave bird or two, and a weed in a crack in the sidewalk. Such a lonely, lonely life. Nature and its love of LIFE has taken billions of years to create the great beauty of all manner of life forms, and we, the people are going to destroy it all in less than ten thousand years. Tell me one Human who can create out of nothing~ as much as a single blade of grass, or a tulip or a redwood tree? Humans can create all kinds of technological wonders, build buildings to reach the sky, but you cannot create so much as a single blade of grass without NATURE! Nature is the creator of LIFE, and you and I my friends, Are busy creating a waste land out of Natures handicraft.~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you LOVE your children, why are you bequeathing them a ruined, barren planet? You obviously Do Not LOVE your Children or you would immediately get busy CLEANING UP THE MESS YOU HAVE MADE HERE ON EARTH! Got an unemployment problem? Put them all to work cleaning up and PAY them a living wage using the profits of the despoilers of this place, The Greed Corporations who care only for themselves and their obscene Profits. START NOW!

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