HOT NEWS FLASH FROM XOF NEWS MEDIA (From our tiny brains, into your even tinier brain)

Our Intrepid reporter Mr. Ytinah Naes questioned our Great Leader on the rumors filling the ‘Fake News’ channels about his purported lying…Mr. Naes:” Do these accusations about you lying have any base in reality, Sir?” Great Leader: “None what so ever! I would never have the nerve to chop down a cherry tree, it was the old gardener we have. He did it, and he should be sent back to Mexico bandito land immediately.” “I am the greatest leader ever, you guys said so yourselves the other day I heard it on XOF so you know it is true, say it, say it!” Mr. Nyes: ” Yes Sir, you Sir are the Greatest Liar of all, if I say so myself, why you tell so many lies that they become your truth, thus we know for a factoid that you always tell the TRUTH.”

“Once we assuage our conscience by calling something a “Necessary Evil” it begins to look more and more necessary and less and less Evil.” Sydney J. Harris

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