A Christmas Wish for What?

  • To The President, Senate, House of Representatives, Other world Leaders, and all those of petty mind and tiny hearts. You all might try to take one minute out of your own lives and put on yourselves in the shoes of those people on this planet who are not so fortunate as yourselves. It seems to me that you have forgotten the teachings of that Man you all claim to believe in: Christ the Savior. You also seem to forget that all human beings are Guests on this Planet Earth, not the owners of it. Your stay here is limited to the max 100 years. A good guest treats his host with the utmost respect, is eager to help with the chores, clean up behind himself, and hopefully departs having made some improvement in his hosts life and home.

Your egotism and selfishness is hereby noted by your treatment of others. Most people love their home country, but it is hard to maintain that Love of Country when your leaders are oppressors who care only to enrich themselves on the backs of their countrymen… It is a difficult choice to make, that choice to flee the oppression and seek out a better, safer place to live, especially when one has their arms full of hungry children. It is also really hard to stand up and fight for your rights when the oppressor’s have the armies, navies and air forces, the bombs, the tear gas and you have only bare hands. Since our current President seems to be more concerned with missing his Christmas Golf game at his private resort, than with the well-being of those who he has the power to assist in their time of hardship and misfortune I say: “Sir shame on you, as you have shamed us.” I call on my fellow men and women to rise up and say with One Voice: “No More! Not one child going hungry or dying from lack of medical care.” “No More bombing of your own people Mr. Assad.” “No More testing of your latest weapons on the Syrian People, Mr. Putin!” I say: ” Let us trade Greed in for Compassion and true brotherly Love.” I say: “Let us stop spending hundreds of billions of Dollars on weapons of war, and spend it instead on improving the lives of all Men, Women, and especially the Children.” I say: “Shame, Shame, Shame on all those people who have surrendered their morality and their hearts in pursuit of that Petty God, the so-called Almighty Dollar. You all stand condemned! To all those who Lust after Power, I would remind you that you also are mortal, and one day you must stand before your creator and give an account of yourself and the life you chose to live here, as a guest on the Planet Earth… Merry Christmas, and God rest your souls, Merry Gentlemen……..

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