Random Thoughts of an Old Grunt

     I see the Pirate Orange Beard is doing his usual dazzling of his true believers with the usual lies and bullshit.  “Oh. The Great (And Rich) Saudi prince would never lie to me, just like I would never dream of lying to you.  So I believe him when he says he knows nothing about some pesky event in the Saudi embassy in Turkey.”   “I was too busy jailing opponents, to pay attention to something so far away.”  So says the Rich Prince, (Tyrant) Oh! the admiration the Pirate Orange Beard showers on those rough and tough leaders.  “I want to be just like them, remember I fell in LOVE with Kim Jong -Un, I so love His Parades.”  “I really want a Parade like my long dead buddy Adolph used to hold, Oh! those goose stepping paragons of perfect white men.”  Now that he’s got the military/Industrial complex an extra fifty billion bucks, and given his fellow Billionaires an extra trillion to sock away, guess who’s going to be tapped to pay for all that largess?  Well Bitch McCon spelled it out for us:  “It’s the fault of all those pesky programs for the not rich folk, the usual suspects, Social Insecurity, Medi-don’t care, and Medicaid, and those food stamps and rent assistance.”  Since it’s a crime now to be poor, we can hire more police forces to arrest all those homeless crooks and build more privatized prisons to stock them away from the well rich and cultured folks, so they don’t have to see them when they are being driven around the city in their Limo’s.  Plus we can rent the prisoners out to the corporations for ten or twenty bucks an hour and pay them ten cents an hour.  Are we good or what…                                                                                                                                            Now how we can slow down global warming by one simple plan: Go back the the eight hour, five day week.  Get rid of this insane 24/7 world.  Plus no traveling on weekends, no plane flights, walk to the park, the museum’s enjoy the sunshine, Park the damn cars,the trucks. Maybe leave the subways and buses running so one can get across town. Plus No Shopping!                  That’s it from this tired old grunt… ttyl.

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