1. Elect despots as leaders, make sure they are totally corrupted by greed and immorality.                                                                                                                                   2. Design and spend trillions of bucks on Weapons of Mass Destruction…             3.Pamper the Rich and impoverish the poor more than usual…                                 4. Punish the atmosphere with every poison imaginable to man and chemists…                                                                                                                       5.Encourage women to have as many children as they can bear, deny them access to birth control and abortions…                                                                              6. Strip mine the Oceans, net every last fish in the sea, also all the hard shelled creatures…                                                                                                                                     7. Strip mine the land for every last ounce of minerals, especially Gold, make it look like the surface of the moon. Poison the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans with mine run-off toxins…                                                                                         8.Build thousands of Coal generating plants, supply them with mountain top mined coal…                                                                                                                                  9. Build and sell gas and diesel guzzling autos, trucks, buses, airplanes and ships, encourage their use by not building any public transportation systems…   10. Encourage factory farming, use massive amounts of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Make sure that the run-off flows into all nearby lakes, rivers and streams so as to create dead zones at every river mouth. (This insures that any surviving fish from #6 above will be sure to die.)                                                    11. Build more and more CAFO’s, store the waste in ever larger ponds, thus insuring that rain will fill the local river systems with animal waste products, feed the animals lots of antibiotics and growth hormones…                                         12. Step up the use of plastic and plastic products for single use purposes, then be sure to litter the land and waters with it, what the hell, the planet is a giant trash can already, so no big deal…                                                                                         13. Encourage hatred, make sure to create division among the people, give them plenty of “Others” to persecute, give them names like Terrorists, Criminals, Gangs, anti-christian’s or Low-Life’s…                                                            14. Encourage the people to buy and own guns, rifles, and lots of ammo: Tell them that it’s their right to own them to protect themselves from those horrible, nasty “Other’s”…                                                                                                       15. Constantly raise taxes on the poor and middle class, cancel all assistance programs like food stamps, medical care, low income housing; tell the people that we must have the strongest, most weaponized Army, Navy, and Air Force in the world to keep those Evil Other’s from attacking us while we sleep.  Therefore we must increase our military budgets exponentially, thus justifying those tax increases…                                                                                                                  16. Make medical care and medicine expensive beyond all reason, so only the Rich can afford it, allow the poor and middle classes to bankrupt themselves trying to pay for medical care. Do not ever consider single-payer insurance…      17. Pamper and enrich Big Pharma by allowing them to charge whatever price they desire for critical medicines…                                                                                       18. Sell off all the public’s land to mining and drilling interests, sell it for dirt-cheap prices…                                                                                                                               19. Make it a priority to encourage people to eat more and more unhealthy food products, this will create more fat, unhealthy people who will be prone to diabetes and heart disease, thus making the Medical/Pharma complex even richer than their wildest dreams…                                                                                       20. Make wars of all kinds popular, increase the size of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and of course our new Space Force. It helps to encourage patriotism.  Begin by brain-washing the young at an early age, so they will be happy to march off to glorious War…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This then, is the guide lines for How to End Life on Earth.  We are well on our way to achieving these goals.  We have already elected plenty of Despots in this present time.  I used to think that our Planet Earth was salvageable, but now I am not so sure about that. The rise of so-called: ‘Smart Technology’ has precipitated a rise in the levels of Stupidity.  The people have become dependent upon other’s doing their thinking for them, making them ever more unable to think for themselves.  This is tragic, because one may ask: “Who is it that is doing the thinking for you?”  Oh! Look it up on your “Smart Phone” , the answers to all of your questions are on there.  Just ask Siri, or Amazon’s Echo, or Microsoft’s Cortana.  Siri! “How did I become so stupid?” Siri: “I am sorry, my programmer forbids me to answer that question, as the answer may offend a stupid human being.”  So, my friends, if you like the way this present world operates, do Nothing.  If you want it to change for the better begin by learning how to think for yourself once more…P.S. The Phoenix will not be rising from the ashes of a destroyed planet!                                                                                                                                                          The End.

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