I wonder how many of us human beings are paying attention to the loss of land and sea creatures, which are disappearing at an ever faster rate, as our human population increases at an exponential rate?  It is going to be a very lonely place after all the insects, birds, animals and fish have been eliminated from Earth… This could be averted if we humans would just embrace family planning for all people on Earth… I think the only reason this is not happening is due to greed.  The rich and the corporations must be assured of a steady supply of CHEAP LABOR, thus no birth control allowed… Well we’ll see what happens when all that is left to eat is Jellyfish… Please wake up before it is too late to save anything at all…Imagine a planet with only Humans left and you will realize what a lonely place you live in when no birds sing in the morning…  We have choices to make people, embrace Heaven on Earth or Hell on Earth, Heaven demands Love, Hell demands Greed and Evil.  Which is it to be?  It is up to you all to decide…  I write this because I am a Lover of life and this living Planet… Have a nice life!

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