Attention Jeff Bezos:

     Sir: you have a fortune of $140 Bullion Bucks, the people in Syria are fleeing their country by the hundreds of thousands,  They need assistance for Food and Water, could you not find it in your Heart to donate maybe 3 Bullion bucks to the UN. Relief mission to help those people who are fleeing the war criminals Mr. President Putin and Mr. President Bashar al-Assad…Russian President Putin is only helping Mr. al-Assad  in order to test his latest weapons on living People…I do not understand why we the People of Earth have not arrested these Crime kingpins…  What is wrong with us?  Mr. President Assad has bombed his own country into rubble…What for?   I, Myself, if I am not liked I remove myself and head for the hills,  I sure do not want to be around people who do not like me…  I would not think to bomb and kill those people just because they happened not to like me anymore…  So step up to the plate Mr.Bezos and show us that you also have a real LIVE Beating HEART…

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