So! To whom I talking to at this moment?  So? Who even gives a big: F*** if the  Regular every day people are not listening?  You listen when you are reading this missive…   This is what I am trying to tell you in as simple a language as I can trans-form .  I mean; are you listening?   Or are you thinking about tomorrow?   …….YOO Hoo! are you having a GOOD TIME? RSVP : I could not, by myself, be a Blues Player.  Maybe because I do not know the Blues,  Maybe, because I have not lived the   HARD TIMES…   I have been through: Hard Times,;;; I have lived the Chain-gang Times,  I have lived through the  ” WAR TIMES”   I have survived, I was lucky and I had a Guardian Angel.  I had Some-one to Love ME!   How lucky can one man be;  to have some-one to love him?  It’s O.K.  Babe,  I’m in Love with you, so, the short-coming’s do not matter so much,  It’s YOU ! I love, not some imaginary Babe I’ve got in my mind on,  or some far-off dream I’ve welcomed into my sky of tomorrow…. It’s just a dream come true… That’s all it is, Babe, just a Dream come true…  I  always  wondered, what the Dream was, Was it You and I, or was it something else, some thing that we dreamed up?  This should not be a question we should have to ask of one another….. I know you, I know you like the back of my own hand, it tells me about tomorrow, and the days here-after, about the times that come charge, of this place, we’re just visitors, here for the moment;    To enjoy what is, instead of what if?   A lot of us people dream, Few of those that come true….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I wonder if any of you know of where of I speak…                                                                     Where am I coming from?   Is it a place that I could be from or maybe be here to?   The Stars are not as far away as we think they are,  They are next-door to us… Yet we will not be recognized until we have PEACE on   EARTH…. This means that we recognize that we, Human Being’s…  Have a common cause: to LOVE one and the other… Black, White,Brown. Red, on another color entirely…There are as many Salmon in the sea as there is  humans on this Earth;  But, do you think on these things, that I have mentioned?  Alaskamanspeaks….Word Press…

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