Daily Prompt: Guilty:

via Daily Prompt: Guilty: 1.    Mankind (An Oxymoron),Through the sins of Greed & Lust Human Beings are destroying their one and only home in this Galaxy.  The Animals, Flora and Fauna are disappearing at a evermore rapid pace.   The oceans are polluted and horribly over fished.   I pronounce the Human Race guilty of wanton destruction of life on earth….                                                                                                                                          2. The refusal to practice population management Will eventually lead to a planet with wall to wall people and nothing else…The reason for this refusal is simple, the rich must have a constant supply of CHEAP LABOR….When there are many more people  than jobs are available,  Men can be induced  to work for starvation wages…(Read my post on SLAVERY) Published today on Alaska man .org. or alaskaman speaks…..The greedy people know who they are… When a Billionaire banks another Billion, there are ten million working men and women missing one-hundred dollars from their paychecks….I pronounce those who live for greed Guilty of Avarice…                                                                3. Assault with Deadly Weapons, with intent to Kill…. All countries, nations, individuals who Own, make or otherwise keep weapons which have only one purpose, to Murder Humans, Especially weapons of Mass Destruction…are an insult on those of us who desire only Peace on Earth… All are guilty of contributing to violence against their fellow men & Women & Children.  War only makes the Weapons makers rich, everyone else has to suffer…All are Guilty!                                                                                                                 3. Anybody who abuses, mistreats, Rapes, or harms another Man, Woman or Child is guilty by default.  There is no excuse what-so-ever for any abuser.   All Guilty!                      4. I hope I covered all the bases for your interest, thank you for the opportunity to voice my humble opinion….Great idea for a web site!    I am a 73 year old fart, been through the Nam., North Carolina chain gang, but I had a good angel looking after me…I live in Alaska  with a wonderful gal. and every morning when I awake I look out my front window at Mt. Illiama and say Thank you to The Creator for bringing me to live in this place…More so after listening to the news on NPR. Radio…We haven’t watched a T.V. in over 30 years…But we do read a lot…..Hope you find this interesting… My E-mail is george_4997@hotmail.com. Always happy to converse with intelligent people…..                               Quote for you from J. Krishnamurti: “The God of a petty mind is a Petty  God….

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Guilty:

  1. Hello Ms. Rowlands, flipping through discover I see you are a really busy gal…I am new to word press, so spotting your site: Daily Prompt, I wrote about Guilty thinking it went to a site you have, but it posted on my blog…I find it hard to do anything but paragraphs and sentences, when they publish some of my things they completely alter my draft page, really upsetting after two or three hours trying to compose something I think is meaningful and interesting.. Well it’s up to me to learn how to find my way…I miss the old type-writer, where one could set margins and be creative, guess I am glad for spell-checker…Well, if you have time to read this have a lovely, interesting day. Alaska man…


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